Frame of mind for the practice of Aikido

Text displayed at the Aikikai since 1931, extracted from the Practitioner Handbook edited by FFAB


  1. In Aikido, an attack can decide the life or death. During practice, you must obey your instructor’s directives. Do not turn the practice into an absurd strength test.
  2. Aikido is a way by which the ONE can reach the TEN THOUSAND BEINGS. Even with only one opponent, you should not only be concerned with what is in front of you ; it is necessary to practice being attentive to four, to eight directions.
  3. You have to work in joy.
  4. The teachings of the one who gives the course represents only a fragment of Aikido. When by the self, daily and constant, research and practice, you will come to the knowledge by the body, the real use of the Aikido’s wonders will be allowed.
  5. The daily training begins by TAI NO HENKA, then we practice more and more intensely without exceeding our limits, allowing seniors to practice with pleasure without risk of injury and achieve the goal of practice.
  6. Aikido is a research which tends, by exercising the body and mind, to shape a human with a right heart. All the techniques, without exception, are secret and cannot be shown, without discernement, to those who do not practice. We have to avoid to teach them to those who would misuse them

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